Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Dance ask/answer ideas

Here is another idea to ask and answer someone for a school dance.
The girl brought over a jar of pickles with this note on it.

He did not want to eat the pickles and he had already figured out who it was...but when he was turning the jar around to see if she had put her name inside, we found it taped to the he never had to open them :)

The dance is a Valentine's Dance, so he answered her with a conversation heart

I cut two hearts the same size, I sewed them mostly all the way together and then put candy inside with a note that said "It would be a treat to go to Girl's Choice with you". I then finished sewing it closed. We glued the YES on after, but I would recommend putting it on before you put candy inside.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope these ideas are helping someone.