Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Jeff decided that tonight was the night the kids were going to carve their pumpkins. He took them to the local grocery store and picked out the pumpkins. Last year at the end of the season the grocery store gave us a kit that had different kinds of carving knives and patterns for the pumpkins, so we decided to try those out. The kids had fun.

Here is Brady tracing his pattern on.

Cole checking to see if he had all the guts out.

Carson starting to carve his.

Tyler cleaning out the inside of his pumpkin.

These are the end result. Tylers didnt glow as well as we had hoped. We may work on it a little more.

I should have scrapbook stuff to share this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Pics

Recently we had our family pics done by Julie Hess. She is really good. I usually dont like pics of myself, but these aren't too bad. Here are a few of them...there are lots more. I may share more later.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mini album

If this looks familiar, its because I made a similar album for myself not too long ago. My mom really liked it and Monday is her birthday, so I decided to make her one too. Last year we all had our pictures taken and I had everyones on a disk, so I thought it would be nice to have a mini album with my whole family. I have changed a few of the pages from mine and geared it for my mom. My sister has added a new member to her family (her son got married) so I had to do a different picture for her page. I used a Rusty Pickle acrylic album. The rest is Bazzill and Basic Grey. The fonts are Cricut, Cuttlebug, and Sizzix. The little alphabet stickers on my page are Making Memories. The rubons on the Our Kids page is Doodlebug All Mixed Up rubons.

Remember the crop is still going on at Simply Obsessed as well. Low key, but you could win a RAK for completing the challenges.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Simply Obsessed November Kit, Mini Crop

Simply Obsessed has posted their November Kit. This will be the first kit I will be working with as a DT member. Isnt it a great kit?! I love the papers and am excited to get my kit.

Simply Obsessed will be having a mini crop this weekend in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. It will start on Friday and end on Sunday. Come join us! http://www.simplyobsessed.com/

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Cole and Carson were ordained Deacons today, and Brady was ordained a teacher. My parents and some of my sister's family were able to attend. We are so blessed to have a supportive family that lives close by. Here is a picture from today.

Wendi tagged me and Im supposed to write about each of my kids...so here goes:

Brady: He is my oldest. He is a people pleaser and always tries to do what is right. He is a big help to me, even when he doesn't really want to help me LOL. He just got his braces off, and he's loving how his teeth look all straight. He is in 8th grade and he is a good student. I always say, if I had to put one kid out there to represent our parenting, it would be him, LOL...he is well mannered and polite.

Cole: He is the oldest of the twins. He does not like to show affection, but he is still a mommys boy. (He wont admit that though). Cole tells me that the kids at school say the way to tell him and Carson apart is that he is the funny one LOL. Cole is really good to his little brother and that is really helpful to me, especially in the mornings. He makes friends easy, and likes everyone.

Carson: He is the younger twin (by 4 minutes). Carson is more of a daddys boy, but I think its because he felt like dad got left out. LOL. Carson cares what others think of him. He has a great self esteem. He is a good student and is good to be responsible with getting things done. Carson makes friends easily.

Tyler: He is my youngest and most definately the mommys boy. He openly shows affection and it does not bother him at all. He is shy in public, but the biggest smart allec at home. He can dish it to his dad pretty good. He is so funny. Hes really smart and knows more than we even realize. He must watch too much TV or he memorizes well because I think he can recite every commercial out there.

Ok, Im supposed to tag people, but I dont know how many...so I tag Kerri, Alison, Kristin, and Melissa, and anyone else who would like to do it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Final Exam

This was the assignment for the final exam for the game at Simply Obsessed:
A good teacher creates exams that are comprehensive, that ensure that everyone's learned all their lessons. With that in mind, the assignment is this: Make a 5 pg mini album that incorporates three of the challenges. That translates to at least 1 cover, 1 back, and 3 inside pages that are front and back done. Got it? Then get going!When you complete it, link up here and let us know the three assignments you used. Good luck! You've got til Wed 10/8, midnight EST
Heres what I came up with...
Im doing this as a date reminder book, like for birthdays. Each month is represented in a paper piecing, then I could write the birthdays for Jan on the side of the tag next to Jan, and then the birthdays for Feb on the other side of the tag...make sense? For the challenges I used Homemaking (march), Science...all through the book, and Math (sept). The equations are part of the background paper.

This is what the book looks like open with the tags in it.

I scanned the pages without the tags so you could see them better. The book is made of envelopes and scraps.

I figured that paper piecing is something that I do, so this book is so true to me. It took me forever, but I like my end result.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Exciting News!

I've been very excited to share my excitement, and it was announced on the site today so I can share now...I made the new DT at Simply Obsessed!!! Im am so excited! I love the community at Simply Obsessed and the kits are gorgeous. I am working with some very talented ladies...here's the list.

We will be having back:

Brandi Pitts
Brandy Cumberland

And for our new ones:

Suzanne Wikstrom (twinsand2boys)
Abbie Torroll (AbbieT)
Ronda Simpson (Ronda)
Jennifer French (JenniferF)
Trish Harwick (TLHarwick)

and there were 4 GDT's selected as well

Elizabeth Bailey (elizbailey)
Anna Buis (artgirl)
Julie Walton (juliesaddiction)
Ashley Harris (AshleyJane)

Today is the first I knew who else was on the team! Congrats to all!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

Today is my oldest son's birthday. We got up bright and early and went to Salt Lake to go to General Conference. Afterwards, we went shopping and the boys spent their birthday money. We had a good time.

Im working on my final exam for the Simply Obsessed contest, so stay tuned for that. Not sure how much I will get done tonight though, my youngest is sick. Poor kid.

Hope you're having a great day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!

Today is my twins' birthdays. Cole was so excited that he was up bright and early. Carson, on the other hand, had to be woke up and you can see how tired he is in this picture. We always decorate the boys room while they are asleep the night before their birthdays. We gave them the shirts that they are wearing and some candy. After school they will get a 2 liter pop with an envelope that has money in it. They want to go shopping LOL. I went over to the school today too...they had some friends decorate the inside of their lockers and gave them some candy, pop, and like a mini football...stuff like that. Im sure that made their day!

Saturday is Brady's birthday and we are going to Salt Lake that day for conference. After conference we will go do some shopping so the all 3 boys can spend their money. Having 3 of my 4 children's birthdays all at once is not only harder on the pocket book, but hard on the youngest son who doesn't have a birthday til April.

Hope your day is going well...Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TTS Paper Store

My LSS is also an online store, it sells Scrapbook supplies at a 35% discount everyday! Check it out http://www.treasurestoscrap.com/. Also, they have just changed the forums and gallery so if you're already a member of the site you will need to sign up again. If you're not a member, you should come sign up and join in the fun with us. There will be a grand reopening in November!

Here are a couple of layouts I made using product from the paper store. I used Bazzill cardstock and My Minds Eye Bohemia Papers. The scallop was made using the Treading Water punch by Fiskars.

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