Thursday, March 8, 2012

School dance ask/answer ideas

I thought that if I posted these, it may help someone else (like me) who goes to the internet to help my kids find creative ways to ask/answer for a school dance.
I thought this was cute. A girl asked my son this way.

He simply took the YES rock back to her to answer.

School dance ask/answer ideas

Brady asked when I wasnt home, so I dont have pictures of his asking. He wanted to ask by getting Crush soda and saying I'd be "crush"ed if you didnt go to the dance with me, but he couldnt find the soda, so he got some cry baby candy and said I would be a Cry Baby if you didnt go to the dance with me.
This is her response.

I think he unwrapped 4 boxes inside of boxes. There were pop rocks as he unwrapped too.

In the last box was rocks. The note says: Id be dumber than a box of rocks if I didnt say YES!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Young Women gifts

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Life just got too busy.
I am in the Stake Young Women's presidency. We are making these as gifts for girls who earn their personal progress...get it? "Purse"onal Progress. Inside are 8- 3x3 cards, one for each value. (to see what the purse looks like with cards inside, see this post) Each card is decorated in the color of the value and there's a little quote about the value on the card. The girls have really liked these. We also give them to leaders who earn theirs as well. Cute huh?

I was trying to get ahead so I made several on this day.

I used Die Cuts with a View paper stack (La Creme) and ribbon. Easy to make, just time consuming.
Thanks for stopping by, Ill try to update more often.