Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crochet Reindeer

I made this crochet reindeer. I think he turned out pretty cute.

I got the pattern out of this book that I purchased on Amazon

I realized that my stitches were not as tight (I can kind of see the stuffing through the sweater and head) so I made another one and did my stitches tighter.

It is a little bit smaller. Each reindeer has its own personality. I used thicker yarn (for both) than the pattern calls for and a bigger crochet hook. (I used a F crochet hook and wool weight yarn). He is all single crochet with increase and decrease stitches. Not too hard. The front of the book shows you how to do these stitches as well as a magic ring, which you use to start every part of him. The finishing instructions are minimal so it was trial and error for me since I've never made amigurumi before. 

You can get the pattern for just the reindeer without purchasing the book here.
This is what the original reindeer looks like. I changed the colors for mine.
Let me know what you think!