Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Jeff decided that tonight was the night the kids were going to carve their pumpkins. He took them to the local grocery store and picked out the pumpkins. Last year at the end of the season the grocery store gave us a kit that had different kinds of carving knives and patterns for the pumpkins, so we decided to try those out. The kids had fun.

Here is Brady tracing his pattern on.

Cole checking to see if he had all the guts out.

Carson starting to carve his.

Tyler cleaning out the inside of his pumpkin.

These are the end result. Tylers didnt glow as well as we had hoped. We may work on it a little more.

I should have scrapbook stuff to share this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


Alison said...

Cute pumpkins. We need to do ours...maybe this year Mitch will help. It seems like he is always at school when we do ours.

Heather said...

Hadley designed a freakish one this weekend... Looks like y'all have a fun household - full of pumpkin guts!

Hess Bunch said...

Way cool pumpkins. The boys did an awesome job.

Hess Bunch said...

Karlee had a great time at achievement days. She must of been teasing you because she came straight home and showed me her FHE packet.

Trish said...

Fabulous photos! The boys did a great job!