Friday, May 22, 2009

Breakfast Of Champions

Today we got up bright and early and went to the school for the Breakfast of Champions. They served breakfast in the cafeteria and then we went into the gym to listen to a couple of speakers and the kids received their awards.
To go to the breakfast of champions you have to have good grades and/or good life skills (citizenship). You have to be invited to attend, and it is a honor to be able to go. Cole was invited to attend this year for his grades. We are proud of him.
This is Cole with the two speakers, Chris Brower and Shay Hatch.

This was when he was receiving the award.

Our friend, Amelia Jensen, also was invited to attend. This was her receiving her award.

Congratulations Cole and Amelia! Keep up the good work!


Trish said...

What an inspiring event! Congratulations to Cole!

Potters said...

WAY to go COLE!!! This is exciting!

AbbieTorroll said...

how fun is that!? What a fun idea! love the pictures!