Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bradys new cast

So, I think it has been 6 weeks since Brady broke his arm playing football...and today he got to have a short cast put on. This is the doctor doing some cutting on his old cast to take it off.

I think his arm still looks a little off, tried to get a decent pic of it.

Brady has some nerve damage and cannot straighten his 2 fingers. He needs to work on fixing that or they may have to do a nerve conduction test.

Brady chose a blue cast this time.

Brady is hoping to be done with casts before Christmas. Im hoping all goes well and he is able to have his wish.


Heather said...

Bless his heart!! I remember my leg looking way off after my cast came off - it's the atrophy. It's amazing how much our muscles define us! Hopefully he'll be all straightened out by Christmas! (I'll put it on my list!)

Alison said...

Poor kid! Here's hoping he gets it off soon.