Monday, January 18, 2010

Math Assignment

My twins had a math assignment to take an item and enlarge it by 10 times. They have to show all their math for everything. We ended up making dice for both of them. Originally Cole wanted to make a domino...the teacher told the class that it would be cool if they all made a domino and they could line them up in the hall and try them out, but we dont have any dominos (and they have to take the original to school to show what they started with). Then Cole wanted to make a giant Q-tip...we thought this would be easy to get PVC pipe and batting...but because the measurements have to be exact, the circumference was an odd size and it was more difficult to we ended up doing dice for both.
Here they are with their dice.

Heres a view of the dice with the small ones we enlarged

Another view

I am glad to be done with this project...I really should write notes on this and the science project they had to make so I can remember what to do when Tyler gets in 7th grade. I think these turned out pretty good though.


Kristen Archer said...

Good job! I love how good these look!

Tabitha said...

those are great


Where is that School I would like to be there.