Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogger award

I was given this award by Amanda. Thanks Amanda!!

Terms of the award: Must list 10 things about yourself, thank the person who gave it to you and pass it onto 10 wonderful bloggers:

  1. I love the smell of laundry soap and Downy. I have been know to sniff clothes after I wash them :]
  2. I love to wear sweats/comfortable clothes.
  3. I wish I hadnt quit taking piano lessons when I was younger. I would love to be able to play anything.
  4. Im addicted to the computer :]
  5. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, but I love any sport my kids are playing.
  6. I love popcorn and chocolate together.
  7. I love to dip my french fries in a shake/frosty.
  8. Im an obsessive hand washer.
  9. I love to make gift type items out of scrapbook paper.
  10. I wish I was a better photographer.

And now, my turn to pass this on to 10 other wonderful bloggers!

  1. Chris
  2. Alison
  3. Natalie
  4. Ronda
  5. Heather
  6. Chiara
  7. Heather (HOP)
  8. Lindsey
  9. Annita
  10. Melissa


Dalovely Damanda said...

My kids like to dip their fries in the frosty too! :)

Natalie said...

thanks Suzanne!!!