Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My newest creations

Today was upload day at HSS...I finally got my stuff loaded and thought I would share here while Im still at my computer. This first one is probably my favorite of my creations today. There are 6 more pictures that goes with this (the inside), so if you want to see the rest please visit my gallery.

This was a fun little coupon book I made. I thought my kids could write on the coupons and give them to their dad for Christmas...now to think of what to write on the coupons. Any suggestions?

I made this tag to go along with the Friendship bread. Used my cricut for this one.

I made some Amish Friendship bread the other day. I had seen a publication that had bread done like this by Melissa Phillips. I thought it was so cute that I did it too.

Well, as always, thanks for stopping by my blog. If youre making holiday creations, link me up so I can come see yours. Have a great day!


Toni said...

The coupon book is so versatile! Coupons, yes, but also for my purse, to sort all the bits of ephemera that invariably turns to lint in the bottom of my purse because I forgot I put it in there. Also I would use it as a kind of organizer (because I DETEST those day runners, plan binders, whatever they're called) ... this could be made with manila folders cut down to the size I prefer with a section for 'lists' and one for appointments, one for all the business cards that find their way into my possession, etc. GORGEOUS idea!

For coupon ideas? How 'bout 'I promise to let you watch one entire football game without interruption and to bring you soda or chips or popcorn when you ask me.' Or 'I promise to help you when you wash the car by getting all the stuff out of the inside for you.' (or other age-appropriate helpful tasks) Then again, promises for hugs are always GRAND!


Kristin Hayne said...

Your uploads/creations are always my fav every month! You are so talented and inspire me all the time! Thanks Suzanne!

~KRISTY~ said...


dougnat said...

I really loved your projects this month! you are one creative chick!

Sharmaine said...

What a lot of Christmas yummys!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

All Pink girl said...

Wow georgeous projects ,love them ,you are very talented ,Dawnx

Veronica Rosenshein said...

love love love the coupon book