Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello Yahoo groups!

I have had a lot of hits from yahoo today...most are visiting the bunny card, so Im guessing there is a link to my card. I just wanted to say hi! Leave me a note! Thanks for visiting my blog.


Debbi said...

Hi Suzanne, I followed a link to find your blog and it's great! Your house MUST be the funnest one on the block with those four boys, lol. I enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing your projects, I especially liked the CD baseball book, can't wait to try that myself. I'll be bookmarking you and checking back regularly, so nice to "meet" you. Without realizing it, I must have already seen some of your projects, as I subscribe to some of the magazines you've been published in, congrats!

Donna said...

i got to see your card from a link i was given in a yahoo group called craftysisters. i love your blog and if it's okay with you will be visiting it often.

Tabitha said...

the card is awesome!