Saturday, October 17, 2015

Altered Halloween Book

I found the instructions on how to make these books on Pinterest. (or you can find it directly here). I thought it would make a cute Halloween decoration, but I also wanted to make it into a scrapbook so you could actually look through the book. I divided my book into sections for how many pages I wanted in my book. I paper clipped the sections together.I kept the first and last page of each section and tore out the middle pages, then I glued the front and back page of each section together to form one page. This is my end result.
I decided I would try the spiderweb for my cover. I just made the spider web out of hot glue. I used stickers for my letters but they probably weren't thick enough. I would probably use thicker letters because when I highlighted the high spots with the metallic paint, I could not get just the letters to highlight. I had to paint over them and it was kind of hard to see their outline. Overall, I like the book.

Here's a peek at the book with the inside pages.

Here are the inside pages

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