Friday, January 13, 2017

Christmas Tree Lot (Money Gift)

I made this cute tree lot to give my dad for Christmas. I bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby. I had seen an idea like this on Pinterest, but there were no instructions on how to do it.
I got a box from a grocery store and cut my foam to fit it. I googled how to fold a tree out of money and found a tutorial on YouTube. I wasnt sure how to get them in the lot so I used a razor knife and cut lines and pushed the trees into them. That worked for the most part. I took skewers and cut them to the height I wanted to string the lights from. I alternated lights and sequins. I loved how it turned out. It took me a long time to put it together but I was in love. I made it a couple of weeks before Christmas and I noticed the trees started to all lean forward. I am not sure how to fix that but I might try taping them on the back to hold the folds closed. That might help? Not sure
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