Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Training crop

Simply Obsessed is having a month long Spring Training crop/game.
The Rules of the Game
Who is ready for a crop to get our mojo going?
This month long crop should be so much fun. The DT has put together great challenges!
Here are the Rules:
*There will be 3 challenges a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Except for on the 16th there will be 4 challenges that day - Willow Traders is having an Anniversary Crop so we are hosting a day.)
*You are allowed 3 strikes - if you don't like one of the challenges that week you can swap it out for a bonus challenge. But you can only do that 3 times.
*Each challenge will be worth 1 point. Bonus challenges will be assigned points ranging from 3-5.
*All Lo's must be put in the gallery and then linked back to the correct challenge.
*There will be 1 grand prize winner - the one with the most points. ANd 2 random winners from a drawing. You must have completed at least 3 challenges to be in this drawing.
*All LO's will be due by March 31st midnight EST.
*Keep track of your own score in the scoreboard thread.
*There maybe more rules to come


ellen s. said...

ACK! i am already behind..gotta get a move on this weekend.

ellen s. said...

can i just tell you the word i had to type was 'puper' and it cracked me up.

Jeanell said...

not a blog related question but...
is your hubby still doing tile work?