Friday, September 14, 2007

What a great day!

Today I went to sub at my oldest sons was the easiest day ever! When I got there they were just going to lunch. Then they were on an assembly schedule and I was just the teachers aide, so it was a short amount of time in class and I just walked around and made sure kids were doing what they were supposed to. Then we went to an assembly! How fun is that? Then I came home and had my HSS happy box at my front door and another package at my side door! I dont think my day can get much better! Hope your day is just as good!


Heather said...

Fabulous! {I really wish you'd come sub at our school -- then I'd let the students play in the library and we could crop!!}

Trish said...

That was a perfect day!! Hope today is just as perfect!

ellen said...

oh congrats on that email! and those happy boxes ARE the BEST!