Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What I love about you Journal

This is a journal I made last night. I thought I could write something I loved about my husband each day and then give it to him. Figured its gotta be good for the relationship to look for the good everyday right? Plus who wouldnt love to read a journal full of nice things about themselves?

I used the Love Elsie Betty Collection paper. My favorite Doodlebug Expressions that font! and I kandee love market tag...I took the tab off of it. Then I used a sticker from 7 gypsies that says Made with undying passion by:_____________. I debated between that sticker and one that says limited edition __of__.

I notice that my time is still wrong...oh well. I cant figure it out. Thanks for looking!


Joan said...

This is just awesome! I love the paper you used.

Trish said...

I just left you a comment on your prior post. The journal is lovely!!! I went into my post to see if I could figure out the time thing. When you were in your dashboard and completing your profile, did you choose a time zone? Try that. I'll look around some more if that doesn't help.