Monday, October 1, 2007

Busy Weekend

Wow this weekend was super busy. We had the scrap pink crop at HSS...I think it was a great success. Can't wait to see who the winners are tomorrow.

Here is the make and take I came up with for the crop. No one made it but oh well. Tell me what you think...

Saturday we went to Brady's game. Poor kid had to play in the rain...he was wet and cold. Luckily the second game was cancelled. I dont think he could've made it through another game. Jeff and I went birthday shopping afterwards. Cole and Carson's birthdays are on Tuesday and Brady's birthday is on Thursday...turns into a party all week. While we were out shopping, I stopped in to a Michael's so I could see my pub. in the Paper Trends mag. It looked good. I got two for the picture and one for the directions. Its a bag kinda like the one above, but its snowman soup stuff and there is a paper piecing of a snowman and a tree on the front of it. Can't wait til my copy comes...Over at CMK they posted that they will be mailed this week, so Im excited!
Upload day for HSS is Tuesday and since thats also my twins' birthdays Im trying to get finished up. I hope to be done tomorrow. Im such a procrastinator.
I mailed off my item to Paper Trends and realized later that I didn't include my signature part of the paper we fill out, so I'm guessing I'll need to send a new paper with my signature to release it for publication.
Its late, guess Im going to bed. Hope you all had a great weekend! I'll post my upload Tuesday or Wednesday!


Heather said...

That bag is DARLING!! I need to head over there (in my spare time! {wink, wink}) and see how to make it. I got my cousin's kids BIG BAGS of M & Ms for c-mas and have been trying to think of how to wrap it. I think I just got an idea!! ;) (See if you were closer, I'd just make you make a bazillion of them and then I'd steal them! ;)

scrappermimi said...

Your baggie is adorable, perfect for a teachers gift or even just a nice presentation for a gift card! So cute!

Sarah said...

I love this bag! Awesome job!!