Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We had a busy day on Christmas Eve. We always get together with both sides of the family. This year we hosted the Wikstrom side. We eat, then open Christmas Eve socks and PJs. My house is small, so we were kind of cramped, but not cramped enough to stop doing it. This is my boys with their cousins opening their stuff.

After that we went to my moms house. There is always food at her house as well. We play games while we are there. This is me and Tyler playing BINGO. Tyler was playing my card and his hoping to win.

There is a game that Jeff and my niece (Marci) just love and are so competitive at. You have a pair of dice. You roll doubles with the dice, then you have to put on a pair of mittens and get a present out of a bag and unwrap the present with the mittens on, all while the next person is trying to roll doubles. When they get doubles, your turn is over. If you have not completely unwrapped the present, you have to put the gift back in the bag and then pass it on. Also, all the wrapping from opened presents is supposed to go back in the bag as well so that its harder to find a present. We end up having to wait for the smaller kids to at least have the mittens on before the next person starts rolling the dice. Jeff and Marci happened to be sitting next to each other so they were funny.

Once we came home, we took pictures of the kids in their new PJs by the tree and then its off to bed. Yay!

This is Christmas morning. The kids had just opened the Guitar Hero for XBox 360. We didnt own a 360, so they caught on pretty fast and started searching for the XBox. It was a good Christmas.

I hope to have scrappy stuff to update with in the near future.


Heather said...

Looks like fun!! I'll have to remember that game!

Jennifer said...

that mitten game sounds SO fun!!! I like how they opened the Guitar Hero before the they were so excited!

The Hales said...

Looks like you guys had a good Christmas! The game with the dice sounds like fun:)

Veronica said...

Happy New Year. These are awesome photos of the boys. I love them

ellen said...

looks like a great holiday! happy new year!